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Collagen Peptides Stick Packs


HEALTH ON-THE-GO: OX NUTRITION Collagen Peptides Packets provide a foundation of health throughout your entire body in convenient form.

PURE FROM START TO FINISH: Made exclusively from happy, pasture-raised, GRASS FED cows from South American Grasslands, Collagen Peptides provide the nutritional building blocks you need to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Reported in numerous research findings, beneficial effects of daily intake include: 

Radiant Skin
Bone and Joint Health
Weight management
Protein Enrichment
Performance nutrition 
Gut Health

15 Packets (10g each) 

Contains Types I & III Collagen with no trace of antibiotics or hormones. Transparently and sustainably produced in a cGMP facility. Third Party Tested to ensure quality.

HOW TO USE: Add 1 packet (10g) to your favorite beverage or recipe. Warm liquids will be easier to mix than cold. 

"LOVE IT" 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! OX is dedicated to not only superior products, but superior customer service as well. We believe in only premium quality, REAL NUTRITION that maintains health from the inside out.

*Benefits from taking collagen peptides are typically seen after using for 30-60 days at recommended daily dose.

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