Looking to broaden your reach as an influencer? 

Here at OX, we seek to empower others to live a healthier, more vibrant life, so that you can do the things in life that matter to you. We want to get real, nutrient dense foods into the hands of everyone in a simple, convenient, and sustainable way. We love people and believe that growth and change happen when we are in community and seeking to better our own lives as well as the lives around us. 

We can't do this alone- join our team and share the love. 


  • 15% commissions on all sales referred
  • 18% commissions on all subscriptions orders referred
  • Exclusive discounts on new products + other exciting perks 
  • Monthly goals and fun contests (to spur you on toward success!) 
  • Personal link and discount code to share with friends and following
  • Access to professional photos, marketing materials, and promotional resources 
  • Personal contact with an OXTribe team member to support your success
  • OXNUTRITION swag with X amount of sales referred. Breakdown below: 

20+ orders = Swag Bag #1

50+ orders = Swag Bag #2

100+ orders = Swag Bag #3

150+ orders = Swag Bag #4 



Authentic and genuine. We are leaders and learners. We are passionate about sharing our stories of health with those around us.  We believe that people matter. Our goal is to create collaborations that truly benefit the both of us. When you join our team, we seek to build a long term relationship with you.

you are

Passionate about improving your life and the lives of others. Your commitment to personal growth and healthy living inspires others to follow. You are genuine and authentic and seek to cultivate relationships within your online and offline community. You are a leader and believe that every story matters. 

We'd love to hear how you and your brand align with our mission!