6 Ways to Help You Deal With Stress Naturally

6 Ways to Help You Deal With Stress Naturally

We all deal with stress during our lifetime- the question isn't how much stress do you have but rather how do you handle your stress? I get it. Living in America, most of us have high amounts of unnecessary stress. How we handle it is closely tied to and effects the health of our entire bodies. Below are five ways you can start handling stress naturally today.


1. Make sure your diet is rich in vital nutrients like protein, quality fats, and greens.

High protein foods supply our bodies with amino acids which are essential for many of our body's key roles including neurotransmitter function, gut health, and even stress relief. And chances are, if you're not intentionally watching your amino acid intake (glycine, proline, glutamine sound familiar?), you probably aren't getting enough of these powerful forces. One simple way to up your amino acid count is by supplementing your daily diet with Collagen Peptides which you can find here. We find it mindlessly simple to add 1-2 scoops to our morning cup of coffee or smoothie.

2. Consistently get an adequate amount of sleep.

One of the number one ways we can think more clearly and tackle those stressful areas in our lives is to first make sure we are giving our bodies the necessary time to rest and recharge. I don't need to quote all of the thousands of studies done on sleep here because you probably know without a doubt whether you're actually getting enough of it. But, if you need a baseline- we recommend getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

3. Get outside in the sun and move.

Notice I didn't even say exercise. (The very thought of that may cause some of you stress, and that is not our goal right now! ;) Simply getting even 10-15 minutes of physical movement into your day helps your body and mind rejuvenate. It releases powerful endorphins in the brain which act as a built in mood-booster. Go for a walk, do yoga in the grass, or play frisbee with your kids. Just get your blood flowing, and your body moving under the sun. I bet you'll notice a difference right away!

4. Lessen your caffeine intake.

Also notice here- I didn't say quit the caffeine. (That would also most likely send your body into total stress mode!) If you're used to having a few servings of caffeine before the clock even strikes noon whether it be coffee or Coke, try cutting it back gradually. People who are prone to higher levels of stress or anxiety find it significantly helpful to cut back on the caffeine. 

5. Recognize how you talk to yourself

For many of us, the thousands of thoughts that pass through our brain in a day are mindless- they come and go, and rarely are they intentional. Our mind can be a place where we can grow in confidence, energy, and willpower, but it can also be a place where we let negative thoughts, a poor attitude, and a whole bunch of excuses reside. You have absolute control over your mind. Use it to understand a stressful situation at hand and plan our how to properly deal with it rather than rehearse it over and over allowing it to paralyze you in anxiety. 

6. Get adequate amounts of B vitamins.

This is a big one. Stress often depletes B Vitamins in our body. If you're stressed, chances are that many of your body's complex B Vitamins have been depleted. This leads to numerous issues including, you guessed it, mental and emotional stress as well as another huge issue: chronic fatigue. So how do you combat stress without invasive (and expensive) undertakings? Nourish your body with nutrient dense foods that contain B Vitamins!

Some of the top foods include: grass-fed organ meats (with liver being the most abundant source in the world!), pastured-eggs, leafy green vegetables, wild-caught fish, brewer's yeast, and cultured or raw dairy. And if you can't stomach the thought of eating liver on a daily or weekly basis, don't stress! Our Grassfed Bovine Liver Capsules provide a powerhouse of nutrients in convenient pill form. Shop here and even save 10% with our Subscribe & Save option!


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