Collagen Benefits


Because over 75% of our bones, joints, and ligaments are made up of collagen, making sure that they are healthy and strong makes a world of a difference in everyday life.

When our bodies lack collagen, it shows up in various ways such as achy joints, slow muscle recovery, chronic misalignment, and common injuries.

Daily replenishment of collagen keeps our bodies lubricated and elastic, so they can bounce back and aid in active performance.


As we age, our bodies break down due to a loss of collagen. Collagen equals elasticity, and when this breaks down, it leads to a collapsing dermal layer.

This is especially prevelant in our skin, hair and nails. Loss of collagen shows up in various forms such as wrinkles, dry skin, dull spots, uneven skin tones, lack of firmness, and brittle hair and nails.

Because collagen is very rich in the particular amino acids glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, it hydrates and provides vitality to the skin while also delivering elasticity. Healing our skin starts on the inside.



More and more research is showing how important it is to keep our guts happy and healthy. Whether you struggle with specific gut issues, or you're trying to improve digestion, collagen is one of the best ways you can heal and support your gut.

Collagen's unique amino acid structure allows it to maintain it's frontline position in repairing the intestinal lining. Some of the benefits of this include: smoother digestion, lowering inflammation, healing IBS and leaky gut, regulating stomach acid secretion, and healing stomach ulcers.


Sleep is something a person either looks forward to or dreads. Whether you sleep like a baby or regularly squeeze by with 4 hours of sleep, the amino acides in collagen, specifically glycine, can improve quality of sleep as well as sustain your awake hours with increased energy.

By taking collagen daily, your're body's natural ability to catch some zzz's will increase as well as your ability to maitain steady energy while you're awake.