Liver Capsules: A Convenient Solution

Liver Capsules: A Convenient Solution

Coming from rural Minnesota, I grew up hearing stories from my Mom about how she had to sit at the dinner table as a child and eat beef liver that was pan fried with onions.  While that may be some people’s cup of tea, it certainly wasn’t my mom’s, and neither is it mine.


A different solution

I’m very thankful that she did not pass on that tradition to her children.  I’ve taken a gander at raw beef liver but in all honesty, have never gotten the gumption to actually cook and eat it. Lucky for me in today’s fast and vast health world, I no longer have to eat cooked or raw beef liver; I can now take it pill form.  Those pills contain freeze-dried, pasture raised, grassfed, dessicated beef liver. I can reap the health benefits and keep my gag reflex intact. Now you may ask why should one even consider or need to eat beef liver? There are so many incredible benefits to consuming beef liver.  

What does your liver do?

Your liver is the largest vital organ in your body.  Its primary function is to purify your bloodstream. It is your main detoxifier.  The liver does not store toxins, it annihilates them. The liver is an amazing part of your body and has over 500 roles to play to keep you alive.  Fun fact, the liver is also the only organ in your body that can regenerate. Wow! So why would you want to feed your body more liver? And from that of a beef cow no less?  

Because beef liver is one of the most nutrient dense food sources you will find. It is an incredible superfood, and the health benefits it can procure are amazing. This day in age we no longer are able to glean the amount of vitamins and minerals into our diets like we used to.  Due to the change in food culture over the last century and the amount of toxins and chemicals in our environment, our bodies need all the help they can get in terms of added nutritional support.

Check the source

Not all beef liver is created equal though. Do your research when you decide to add in supplements to your diet.  Finding out the source is key in realizing the authenticity and effectiveness of the supplement in question. In the case of beef liver, you will want to look for pasture raised beef cows.  If the animal is healthy and their diet clean, their livers will be healthy and contain more of the beneficial minerals and nutrients that your body needs and can absorb. Make sure your pills are hormone, allergen and pesticide free, and contain no fillers. Also watch out for any that claim to be defatted, which removes the Vitamin A from the liver.

Key Nutrients

Beef liver is rich in Iron, Vitamin B12, Preformed Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Copper, Choline and Folate just to name a few. These vital nutrients are key to maintaining a healthy, happy lifestyle. 


The benefits to adding beef liver pills as a supplement to your diet can be astounding.  Like any supplement, it is just that, not a cure for anything, but a supplemental aid to help your overall health and diet.  Beef liver helps support strong bones, healthy joints, skin and hair health, energy metabolism, overall digestive support, and helps balance the immune system.   

The benefits have also been linked to hormone balance, stabilizing memory, increased energy levels, plus thyroid and adrenal support. Just remember that everyone’s body is different.  Your levels and benefits will not be the same as the person next to you. Your body will absorb at a different rate. As with most supplements it takes time to see results, and that time period may vary from person to person.

Possible Detox Stage?

It is true.  As you introduce a new amazing superfood supplement to your body there is the possibility of a detoxing stage to occur.  So, while you are helping your body by feeding it more nutrients, it may purge an increased amount of stored toxins all at once. This can also be known as herxing, which is to purge larger amounts than usual of stored toxins from your system. It may result in detox symptoms such as headaches or nausea.  Listen to your body, if something feels off, lower the amount you are taking and start off at a slower pace. Listening to your body is key in taking control of your own health.


Carrie is OXNUTRITION's on staff photography and designer.  She is an advocate for nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.  Follow her food and cattle photography on instagram @carrieannpear. 

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