Joint Pain & Athletic Performance

April 29, 2019

Joint Pain & Athletic Performance

 Nothing can be more discouraging than joint pain related to physical exercise and activity. Sure, you can grit your teeth and work through the pain (pan is gain, right?!), but what if there’s a way to reduce joint pain and support joint health? 

In a 24-week study on the effects of daily collagen intake by athletes who are physically active and have no evidence of joint disease, joint health and mobility increased, and pain and inflammation noticeable decreased. Even those in a high-risk group found that joint deterioration decreased with collagen as a dietary supplement. 

In this study, subjects (both male and female) were broken into two groups. Half were given a placebo and half were given 10g (about one serving) of collagen. After the study was finished, significant, positive improvements were recorded from subjects with daily collagen intake compared with the placebo.

Areas of measurement included joint pain at rest (assessed by a physician) as well as joint pain when walking, standing, resting, carrying objects, and joint pain when lifting. 

The positive effects of collagen versus the placebo were even more pronounced in those with knee arthralgia. Decreased pain and reduced inflammation as well as increased mobility were all effects of daily collagen intake. 

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