Liver: the Ancient Superfood and Why You Need It

February 06, 2019

Liver: the Ancient Superfood and Why You Need It

 I wish I could tell you that eating liver is like eating your favorite sandwich or that it goes down as smooth as jello, but I think most of you would beg to differ. And I would beg to differ as well. Most of us aren't getting this ancient superfood in our diets, and we're most definitely lacking in nutrients because of it.

Below, I'm sharing with you the top 12 benefits we receive from consuming grassfed liver on a regular basis. Now before you roll your eyes and consider this long lost food a lost cause, take a few minutes to read below, and I'll share something with you at the end that I think you may find very helpful. 

  1. Liver is the #1 source for receiving the most bio-available form of Vitamin A (retinol). Most of us have been relying on Vitamin A (beta carotene) for our nutrients; however, only about 3% of that kind of Vitamin A is absorbed by our bodies. That's not much! Because every cell in our body relies on Vitamin for healthy function, we need to look to Preformed Vitamin A (retinol) in order to ensure proper health. Our bodies can actually absorb up to 80% of it since it is that much more bio-available.
  2. Liver contains an unidentified source of phenomenal energy or "anti-fatigue factor" (source). Most people notice a huge energy difference when ingesting liver on a daily or weekly basis.
  3. Liver is one of the best sources for Vitamin B12 which is vital for healing anemia or those with low-iron (common people prone to low iron/anemia include: pregnant, breastfeeding or menstruating women, vegetarians, and children with low weight and/or birth weight)
  4. Liver supports thyroid deficiencies and is a crucial for healing hypothyroidism.
  5. Liver key for balancing hormones as it aids in all major hormone functions.
  6. Liver is, you guessed it, important for liver health and vital for heart and brain health as well. We go with the ancient notion that 'like supports like' meaning if you need to support your liver, eat a quality source of liver.
  7. Liver promotes collagen production which is crucial for healthy, vibrant, and graceful aging.
  8. Liver is a natural source of energy and helps heal chronic fatigue. This nutrient dense superfood nourishes your body, so it can function properly thus leading to enhanced energy and organ function.
  9. Liver promotes healthy gums and teeth.
  10. Liver supports adrenal health and heals symptoms of adrenal fatigue.
  11. Liver promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails thanks to Preformed Vitamin A (retinol) as well as other nutrients.
  12. Lastly, liver provides vital nutrients for proper immune function. This is key for those suffering with an auto-immune disease or chronically ill.

Now for those of us who can't stomach the thought of preparing, cooking, and actually eating grassfed liver, you're in luck! Our Grassfed Bovine Liver Capsules provide the nutrition of liver but are conveniently prepared in pill form for daily intake. Shop here and take 10% off if you choose Subscribe & Save today.