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Looking to broaden your reach as an influencer? Imagine working for a company that aligns with the same goals and values as yours. While spreading the good news of collagen and healthy living, you'll also earn free collagen, deep discounts on products, awesome swag, and earn money through our super simple, one click affiliate link that you can share with your friends and following! 

We can’t do this alone. Through our OXTribe Ambassador Program, we’re joining with some of the best influencers throughout the US and Canada to get collagen products into the hands of everyone!

We care about what goes in our bodies. That’s why we source our collagen from quality, sustainable places. All of our collagen products are tested by an independent third party lab and are tested for heavy metals and chemicals to ensure it is above standards.

There has never been a time when products like collagen have been more necessary in our day to day lives. Nutrition is lacking due to our modern day agriculture and food practices. This is why we do what we do- we’re seeking to provide a foundation of strength and vitality to everyone through quality products.


  • Beauty bloggers, make-up artists, health professionals, foodies, bio-hackers, yoga and fitness instructors, whole food enthusiasts, and more.
  • Authentic and genuine. We are leaders and learners. We aren't you're normal hashtag, surface level tribe. We are passionate about sharing our stories and testimonies of health with those around us.
  • All about relationships and believe that people matter. Our goal is to create collaborations that truly benefit the both of us. When you join our team, we seek to build a long term relationship with you.


  • Passionate about improving your life and the lives of others in various ways through health and nutrition, fitness, and daily activity.
  • Someone who shares a love of OXNUTRITION products and desires to educate others on all of the amazing collagen benefits in creative, fun ways.
  • Involved in your community and have built a trusted following. You enjoy people and care about the health of those around you.

If you'd like to learn more about our OXTribe Ambassador Program, fill out this quick form for us, and we'll send you the complete lowdown and fine details of our program. We can't wait to partner with you!

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