Grassfed Beef Liver Capsules
Grassfed Beef Liver CapsulesGrassfed Beef Liver CapsulesGrassfed Beef Liver CapsulesGrassfed Beef Liver CapsulesGrassfed Beef Liver CapsulesGrassfed Beef Liver CapsulesGrassfed Beef Liver Capsules



Sourced from one of the cleanest, purest environments on earth, OXNUTRITION Bovine Liver Capsules are unmatched in quality and performance. Made from 100% New Zealand origin and pasture raised, we make sure our herd is closely monitored and cared for without the use of harmful antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides. Support vital metabolic functions in the body and target healthy liver function with beef liver capsules that are rich in Vitamin A and B Vitamins.


Life is best lived to the fullest. Due to modern agricultural practices, our food is stripped of vital nutrients and often ridden with harmful substances. The food our ancestors once thrived on is not the same food we eat today. That’s why it is vital to supplement daily with quality, whole food nutrition. Our bodies are lacking the metabolic support they need to properly function. Nourish your body with OXNUTRITION products and gain a vibrant life.


Naturally heal and support vital Thyroid and Adrenal Function for optimum health

Energy Boosting & Anti-Fatigue  |  Maintain consistent energy levels throughout your entire day.

Nutrient Packed Superfood  |  Gram for Gram Liver is the most nutrient dense food.

Serving size (6 capsules) is equivalent to a one ounce serving of fresh bovine liver that you’d consume from your local farmer/butcher and can be taken with or without food.

Benefits are typically seen after using for 2-6 weeks.

"LOVE IT" 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! OX is dedicated to not only superior products, but superior customer service as well. We believe in only premium quality, REAL NUTRITION that maintains health from the inside out.

HOW TO USE: Take 6 capsules daily for optimum health. If sensitive to supplements, take 1-2 per day to start, and then gradually work up to 6/day over a few weeks. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your physician before use. 

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