5 Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally Today

May 06, 2019

5 Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally Today

We all deal with low energy or even chronic fatigue during our lifetime. The question isn't whether you're struggling with lack of energy right now but rather how do you boost your energy in a way that is actually helpful to your body rather than hurting it in the long run? I get it. Living in America, most of us have more on our plates than we find ideal, and the term 'busy' is abundant in our vocabulary. That's why energy drinks are so popular.


Need to endure a boring meeting? Take an energy drink.

Need to drive across the country? Stock up on energy drinks.

Need to pull an all-nighter? Well, we take energy drinks for those times too.

It has become so normal in the US to combat a lack of energy with limitless amounts of caffeine, a 5-Hour-Energy shot, and even other substances. 

But are those quick fixes doing any good for our bodies? I'll answer that with a resounding 'no' and actually meander a bit farther to say that those rapid band-aid solutions are actually hurting the health our bodies not only today but later on as well. So instead of reaching for another can of anxiety inducing, sugar laden, caffeinated liquid, I've listed five ways you can start boosting your energy naturally starting today... sans the Red Bull.


1. Consistently get an adequate amount of sleep

This may seem a bit obvious, but ask someone who is chronically tired, and I bet they are not getting a consistent and adequate amount of sleep. If you need a baseline- we recommend getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Those zzzz's are important!


2. Limit your sugars and carbs

Simply put, our bodies burn through simple carbs fast (donuts, granola bars, candy bars, energy drinks) providing us with a quick boost of energy due to a spike in our blood sugar levels, and then it quickly crashes. If you need that afternoon snack, opt for complex carbs with a lower glycemic index found in a variety of raw nuts, legumes, sweet potato chips, or grass fed beef jerky. Not only are these choices more nutritious, but they'll provide you with a consistent stream of energy.


3. Drink more water

This bears acknowledgement because so many of us simply do not get enough water. So listen to your mom and I, and drink more H2O! If you rely on an afternoon coffee or soda, make the switch now to green tea or sparkling water- these will hydrate your body rather than weigh it down with excess sugar and caffeine. 


4. Exercise daily

Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is one of the best solutions if you're struggling with low energy. Not only does a simple exercise routine or brisk walk/jog improve your overall health, but it also sends oxygen to your body's cells and promotes heart and lung health. Start moving today! Some movement is better than no movement, so if you can only find 5-10 minutes in the morning and then 5-10 minutes in the afternoon, your body and mind will thank you!


5. Get adequate amounts of B vitamins

This is a big one. Due to a wide array of circumstances (nutrient depleted foods, stress, adrenal fatigue, use of chemicals/substances, and more), our bodies are often depleted of vital B Vitamins. Because our bodies cannot store B vitamins for later use, they rely on daily supplementation and food intake. Without adequate levels of B vitamins in our body, one of the main symptoms is lack of energy.

In fact Vitamin B12 is known as the "energy vitamin" because it does just that- it supplies our bodies with a reliable boost of energy naturally. Some of the top foods include: grass fed organ meats (with liver being most abundant in the world!), pastured-eggs, leafy green vegetables, wild-caught fish, brewer's yeast, and cultured or raw dairy. Make sure to include these vital nutrients in your daily and weekly diet. 

And if you can't stomach the taste (or even the thought) of eating liver, don't worry- our Grassfed Bovine Liver Capsules make getting this superfood into your daily diet a breeze. Check them out today, and even Subscribe & Save 10%!

And remember, how you treat your health today (whether good or bad) will absolutely have an impact on your future self- tomorrow, in one year, in ten years, and in fifty years. Own your health. Invest in it. It's totally worth it.